Duke Street Baptist Church was formed in 1953 to serve the residents of the Shirley Duke Apartment complex located on the west end of Alexandria.  For several years, the church thrived in its mission, but in the 1970s, the Shirley Duke Apartment complex closed.  The entire community around the church changed.


Despite admirable efforts to alter the mission to meet the changing needs of the people in the area, Duke Street Baptist Church was unable to sustain itself and decided to close its doors in 1995.


The few remaining members created the Duke Street Baptist Memorial Foundation in 1996 with the proceeds from the sale of the church's properties.  Preserving their mission to help people meant so much to them that they wanted to see it live on.


The entire membership of Duke Street Baptist Church joined the local Fair-Park Baptist Church [pictured on left] which has since changed its name to Convergence.





Like Duke Street, Trinity Baptist Church in Arlington, founded in 1930, suffered from demographic changes as the area became more urban. 


As its congregation dwindled, Trinity offered its facilities to other Christian churches to use.  One of those churches, Restoration Anglican Church, was interested in purchasing the property which they did in 2010.


The proceeds from the sale of the property will belong to the now "Duke Street Trinity Baptist Memorial Foundation," a new name to reflect Trinity's addition to the Foundation.