​Duke Street Trinity Baptist Memorial Foundation seeks to honor the legacies of Duke Street Baptist Church, Trinity Baptist Church, and Westover Baptist Church by continuing their work and by serving as an example to other declining churches that closing the doors isn't necessarily an end, but a possible new beginning. The Foundation supports the community of which it is a part: Northern Virginia.  The Foundation helps ministries meet both physical and spiritual needs with the goal of educating and leading individuals to develop a lasting personal relationship with Christ.

GENERAL GRANT GUIDELINES  (see below for specific grant criteria)

  • The Foundation funds programs in the Northern Virginia area ONLY.

  • No grants are awarded to individuals.

  • No grants are awarded to for-profit organizations.

  • The Foundation avoids supporting ministries heavily supported by other funding sources (government grants, endowments, cash reserves, etc.).

  • The Foundation NEVER supports lobbying of any kind.


Duke Street Trinity Baptist Memorial Foundation exists to fund creative and sustainable ministries to impact Northern Virginia for Christ.  The Foundation accomplishes this through multiple allocations.


The Creative Ministry Grant is awarded to fund new and sustainable projects offering creative ministry solutions to the physical and spiritual needs within Northern Virginia communities.

The Foundation defines "creative" to mean an original idea for a project that is unheard of in Northern Virginia that if successful could be replicated in other churches.  The Foundation will not support projects that churches should fund themselves, such as Vacation Bible School.  The Foundation does NOT pay for salary support, building renovations, or equipment (video, stereo, playground, etc.) unless Applicants can demonstrate how those expenses are interdependent and so integral to the proposed ministry project that the project could not succeed without them.





The Foundation is an integrated auxillary of NorthStar Church Network, an association of churches.  The Foundation's Board is made up of former NorthStar moderators and its current Executive Director.  A substantial amount of funds are annually gifted by the Foundation to support NorthStar's mission and operations.